The MIT Horizon team is comprised of people who are passionate about professional learning and growth, about enjoying the journey, and about providing the best product and experience to our customers. We’re always looking for talented people to join our team. Please reach out if you’re interested or apply to any of the open jobs listed below.


  • Mission Oriented

    We work on an exciting, innovative product, helping individuals and companies learn about cutting-edge technologies.

  • Benefits & Lifestyle

    MIT is an established brand that offers substantial benefits and a balanced lifestyle. MIT Horizon boasts a uniquely stable startup environment with an emphasis on enjoying a full life outside work.

  • A Diverse Team

    Our team is diverse. We come from all over the continent, and our experiences are in academia, startup & SaaS businesses, journalism, and more. We learn from each other.

  • An Open Workplace

    Our workplace is an open environment where all ideas are welcomed and considered. We aren’t afraid to share and be who we are.

  • Our Community

    We provide voluntary opportunities for colleagues to spend time together, and get to know each other as people, both on and off campus.


  • We are temporarily pausing our hiring due to current events. Please check back soon.