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Our continuous learning offerings provide your workforce with the foundational education and pathways to advanced learning they need to put technology to work rather than working to understand it.

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Horizon Essentials

Access to our exclusive library 
and ongoing events

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Horizon PRO

Intermediate and advanced video courses from Horizon xPRO

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Horizon Experiences

Interactive workshops for collaborative learning

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Disruptive technologies, distilled into easy-to-digest resources

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Horizon Essentials

Horizon Essentials is comprised of MIT Horizon's content library and events. Our curated resources are an accessible, unbiased foundation for employees at all levels and roles with just the right amount of depth.

Exclusive library covering 14 leading technologies and innovations
Articles, audio-articles, eBooks, podcasts, and videos
Curated content from MIT and industry to go beyond the foundations
Impact Spotlights—real-world case studies of technology today
Online events featuring experts from industry and academia
Event archive including access to almost 150 expert interviews

Horizon PRO

For organizations looking for more depth, Horizon PRO includes more than 800 instructor-led videos from MIT xPRO. Our videos are paired with knowledge checks to reinforce key concepts.

Additional topics including: Systems Engineering, Biomanufacturing, Data Science, Organizational Strategy, Technical Innovation, Transformational Technologies
800+ instructor-led videos from MIT xPRO
Knowledge checks to test comprehension and reinforce key concepts

Horizon Experiences

Horizon Experiences bring technologies to life through interactive workshops, simulations, and events. Our team works with you to tailor Horizon Experiences to your organization, goals, and learning objectives. Experiences provide instruction from leading experts, hands-on group exercises, and networking opportunities.

Instruction from leading experts
In-person or virtual formats
Hands-on activities
Relevant topics from technology to innovation
Flexible scheduling

Professional Services

Enterprise-friendly integrations

We're set up to integrate with your learning platform. This includes SSO with easy user management, LXP integrations, and GDPR compliance.

Active program management

Dedicated resources to help you design, launch and maximize impact across your organization.

Robust data & analytics

Understand learner behavior with actionable insights that unlock opportunities to optimize and scale.